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Now You Can Get The Same Ratings Software That Betting Teams, Pro Bettors And Pro Tipsters Are All Using!

Dear Racing Enthusiast,

I have to applaud you for taking the time to check out a system which, if you know what you’re doing, can propel your betting career to heights undreamed of by the people who simply rely on tipsters, bet on emotion, or trust to “blind luck” in order to make a profit.

While there are some great tipsters out there, they’re hard to find and can be extremely inconsistent.

But, perhaps worst of all, the best tipsters fill up their spots very quickly. Which makes them impossible to get into.

This creates a serious problem for people who simply want consistent, undiluted profits from horse racing.

I’m going to do you a favour right now. If you’re willing to put in the time it takes to totally maximize your profit.

I’m going to peel back the veil that covers up the method of how tipsters find winning selections and make a fortune selling their tips, and…

how professional punters profit day in and day out with their betting.

So I hope you’re ready for what could be…

The Biggest Reveal In The Betting Industry Ever!

Continue reading this letter and you’ll discover these secrets.

But not only that, you’ll be able to take advantage of them yourself for the very first time!

After all, what we all want is to…

Profit from betting on horses!

I know that it’s easy to lose our focus with all the possible ways of how to do this. But, at the end of the day, it all comes down to how much profit we can make.

And that’s what I’m about to share with you.

You’re probably wondering why aren’t you already experiencing the magic of the pro punter’s lifestyle, or the success of a betting team… or even the consistent profits of the pro tipster.

Well, the answer to that question is a simple one.

People Don’t Want You To Win

Betting on the races, like any other type of sports betting, is set up in such a way that the more people who win, the harder it is for each of the winners. The more people who lose, the easier it is for them

That’s why we see:

  • The biggest bettors keeping their tips to themselves. Sharing them would skew the odds and reduce their profit.
  • Tipping services limiting the number of members available to prevent the odds from getting knocked down.
  • Pro betting teams keeping their numbers low, and making it VERY tough to get into. If you want to join one of these, you’re going to have to be one of the best.

Bookies always changing their odds in order to maximize their profits, and limiting people who are proven to be good bettors to tiny stakes.

So… look at the list above one more time and pay close attention.

You’ll notice one very important thing about that list, and that is..

…the people who are on that list are the ONLY people who are making any REAL money in horse betting.

Let’s face it, most punters use tipsters. Which is fine except…

Most tipsters aren’t really as good as they say they are!

I mean, if they were then they’d be keeping those tips for themselves.

Okay, I admit there are a few who are pretty good and they’ve been shut down by the bookmakers so they can’t get on. But most just struggle to make a small profit.

And, let’s be honest, if you’re getting £35 per month for your tipping service… would you prefer to get £35 from 100 people (£3500 per month) and keep the odds fair. Or would you rather get £35 from 1,000 people (£35,000 per month)?

For most tipsters, unfortunately, that’s a very easy choice. And, of course, it compromises the integrity of their tips even when they’re profitable.

You’d be amazed how many tipsters actually do this, instead of keeping their numbers limited and their tips profitable!

The only other real way to make money from horse betting is to either become a bookie or join a professional betting team.

If you’re reading this letter, then the professional bookie lifestyle probably isn’t for you. It needs a large startup capital and a lot of time.

So, what about joining a team of elite bettors?

Well, unless you’re already making big profits from your betting, and you can prove it. Then none of the teams are going to want you. After all, they’re already making huge profits and you’re going to have to be able to increase this for them!

Truth be told, it’s completely fair for professional bettors and teams not to want to share their knowledge. After all, they spent a lot of money and worked very hard to get to where they are.

So, how can we finally start ACTUALLY making a fortune with our betting?

The key here is to become one of the people I mentioned earlier. One of the people who are making REAL money from betting.

And… I’m going to show you exactly how you can do that!

But first, it’s important to know what it actually means to be a pro punter, pro tipster or someone who’s on a pro betting team.

What’s it actually like to live the pro betting lifestyle?

Imagine waking up in the morning and…

  • Never having to go to work
  • Never having to deal with a disrespecting boss
  • Never be underpaid again
  • Never be underappreciated again

What you’re doing is you’re going to…

Wake Up On Your Own Terms

No more alarm clocks. No more having to rush yourself through your morning routine because you simply needed a few more minutes of sleep.

It’s the end to all of that.

Who wouldn’t want that!

You’re going to wake up when you want and spend your day in peace.

Imagine getting yourself some breakfast and then sitting down at your computer, opening a program which helps you configure all your bets. Find out who you’ll be betting on today. And then…

Simply placing your bets at your preferred bookie and letting the profits roll in.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to pay your bills without having to worry, because your betting career is both profitable and consistent?

Would it be nice to be able to go on vacations a couple times each year with friends and family, without having to worry about how it will affect you financially?

Of course it would.

This is the lifestyle of someone who’s making money from betting professionally. And I hope it’s the lifestyle you want.

But, if not, then no problem.

If you enjoy slaving for a boss, being tied down to your own business, and worrying about how you’re going to make your rent at the end of the month.

Then this software isn’t for you… no hard feelings.

But, if you you’re ready to live the pro bettor’s lifestyle once and for all, then this letter is what you’ve been waiting for.

Regardless of where you might be in your betting, you have nothing to worry about. Because, nobody was born a pro bettor.

  • Pro bettors aren’t born with silver spoons in their mouths
  • They aren’t geniuses, just regular people
  • They don’t all have parents who’re “deep” into the horseracing industry
  • They’re not math geniuses

So, what’s stopping you from becoming one of the best?

Well, the truth is…

…the people who’re the best, are the best because they worked at it.

They learned what they needed to in order to develop their own betting systems and strategies that are extremely profitable.

They put their systems and strategies to the test, and…

They failed a lot at first!

But here’s the secret:

You only need ONE betting system to succeed in order to become a professional bettor

Once you have just one of these systems under your belt, you can either make profits from it,  sell your system to others who want to benefit from your tips or… do both!

You now are making profits as a bettor from one strategy, so it’s time to start making your second. And before you know it, you’re a pro-punter.

Contrary to popular belief, coming up with one of these systems is NOT difficult.

Like anything you want to be good at, it just takes a bit of time and practice.

And once you’ve made your first it’s like a flood gate. It will get easier and easier to make profitable systems and strategies.

Most pro bettors don’t just have one system that works for them, they use several. It helps to spread the risk. But it also means that…

They can keep some, they can sell some, they can use some for tipster services.

And they can do this because there’s virtually an unlimited amount of profitable strategies out there waiting to be discovered.

A friend of mine, in order to protect his identity we’ll call him Sam, spent years betting on horses and his results were…


The problem was, he never really did what it took to see serious gains from his betting.

Eventually he got to the stage where he was able break even consistently. But…

…he could never make a profit.

To him, it just seemed impossible.

His method was to use a few good tipster services and spread his bets evenly over all their selections.

And I admit, sometimes he made a small profit doing this. So what was the problem?

The tipster services deeply cut into his profits. It mean that even when he was winning, the profit was going straight to the tipster.

And on a winning month he’d find himself with very little extra money in his pocket!

Now, as I’ve already mentioned, he didn’t put any work in. He simply got the tips in his e-mail each day and placed his bets.

But, what’s the point in doing that if you’re going to make very little money!

He still had a boss and he still slaved away on a small wage.

The problem was, he felt like if he could just find the right tipster service. The one which won every month, then he could put his entire bankroll into using their selections and he’d be a pro bettor in no time.

Unfortunately, there is no tipster that can make a profit every single month. It’s just not possible!

If you want to…

See Real Profits

…then you have to put in some of the work yourself.

Of course, using professional tipping services is fantastic compared to what he was doing before. Back then he was mostly relying on luck, emotion and chance to find winners.

At least if you do your research with good tipping service you can consistently break even and sometimes even be up a little bit at the end of the month!

Now, Sam’s problem wasn’t that he was using particularly bad tipsters, because I showed him how to use tipster proofing services to find tipsters that can actually make a profit.

The problem was, he had to pay for all the tips out of his bankroll. And that can seriously cut into your bottom line.

If you’re already extremely wealthy and can afford to bet big enough on professional tips then doing that will work very well for you.

That’s because your own bets are so big, that the tipsters subscription fee is only a tiny part of your profits.

But of course, this is assuming you don’t want to make FAR more profit by creating powerful betting systems by yourself.

Unfortunately, Sam wasn’t extremely wealthy. He had a regular job and made a regular salary. His bets were too small to profit after the tipsters costs.

Then it happened!

One day, after a particularly harsh losing streak (a losing streak which he was paying for courtesy of his professional tipsters), he finally reached his breaking point.

He called me up and spent an hour ranting about how he was sick and tired of losing money as a punter. It was time to call it quits.

Now, I always try to help people if I think they’re ready to give up. Because, in my mind, giving up is not a good thing to do psychologically.

It’s okay to move onto something else because you wanted a break, got bored or simply wanted to try something new.

But… giving up because you feel defeated is always a very bad thing in my book. It causes you to adopt what is known as the habit of failure… and that’s the last thing I wanted in my friend.

As a punter I’m sure you can relate to this feeling.

It’s a feeling of fear that you’ll continue to lose money, a feeling of dread at cutting your losses with no chance to recover. And…

…it’s a terrible feeling which all bettors have faced at some point!

And for Sam, his time had come!

Now, he knew that I sold some powerful software programs for horse racing bettors. But, he’d never taken me up on my offer to help.

I didn’t press the issue with him, after all there was no sense in arguing about it. I could tell that he wanted to focus on using tipster services. So I left it at that.

The day after he called me, I had him meet me for lunch so we could sit down and discuss his next steps.

The first thing I did, was to tell him to stop betting for a few days.

He just needed to relax and figure out how he wanted to move forwards.

This is solid advice and whenever you’re on a losing streak one you should use.

During these times it’s very easy to ignore yopur own selections or others tips, and bet on your emotions instead. And… that only leads to disaster!

So, we sat down and I outlined a far better solution than just giving up altogether.

But then…

I finally found out why he never bothered to create his own betting systems and strategies.


…boy was I surprised!

It turned out he didn’t believe he was one of the “geniuses” who could sit down and create his own system from scratch!

He thought that the people who created these systems were people who’d reached unattainable heights in betting. And he was going to have to spend a lifetime of study to achieve the same results!

Honestly, I was shocked.

When I realized this had been the reason. I showed him that betting wasn’t about being a genius. All you had to do was spend a little bit of time to create your own strategies, and then stick to them.

I admit it takes some courage. But, anybody can do it.

Over the next few weeks I taught him what I knew about creating strategies that WORKED.

It took him a little while to learn what all the ratings I used meant but, by the end… he’d become one of those “horse racing geniuses” which he’d put so high up on a pedestal just a few short weeks earlier.

Being a master is simply a matter of using high class ratings, understanding how they work and fitting them together in a logical way.

There’s so little competition at the top because most people assume that it’s too difficult to create their own strategies. And then, they don’t even bother to try!

Which means that the few of us who do can reap the benefits.

Well, he certainly had a few failures at first.

There were a couple of systems that did nothing but lose him money. But, as I suggested, he was paper trading them first so it didn’t matter!

And then…

He had a breakthrough!

After trying out a bunch of his own systems, he came up with…

A System That Simply Worked

And… he’s been using that same system ever since!

That first one is actually better than any other system he’s made to date. In fact, it’s so good that he doesn’t let anyone in on it, not for any price. He just uses it to find great value bets for himself, and he’s made a fortune off of it.

But he now also has a couple of tipster services which are also performing well.

Luckily for his clients, he’s one of the honest tipsters and genuinely limits the amount of people he lets in on his selections.

That means that he’s making money both as a tipster and as a bettor!

And now he has everything setup, he simply checks his systems (systems which he created) each day to tell him which horses to bet on. And then he places his bets!

He’s making far more than he was in his day job, and he’s doing it with much less effort.

I’m personally very pleased because, not only did I create the software that got him there, I also held his hand and walked him through the entire process while he was figuring it out.

So, how did he do it?

How did he use the Racing Dossier software to go from another broke nobody on a losing streak and ready to give up, to someone who’s making a fortune from their betting?

What he did was…

He shifted his thinking about how he could be profiting from betting on horses.

Most people who bet try to take the easy way out. They want others to do all their thinking for them. Which is why tipsters are so popular.

But the secret to really making money through betting is to put in the time and effort to create great systems and strategies for yourself. And of course, once you have a system in place it’s just as fast as using a tipster!

If you’ve been betting on losing tips then… now is the time to stop!

It’s time to start winning consistently and to take the first steps to the professional bettor’s lifestyle.

Why is the Racing Dossier software better than all the other tipster services or “systems” you may have tried in the past?


The Racing Dossier puts the power in YOUR hands.

No matter what, any system that somebody else develops will end up being saturated by having too many people using it. Effectively making it… useless!

Don’t you always hate knowing this?

Wouldn’t it be better to have a system all to yourself, and become one of the tipsters?

Or, better yet, why not create a system that you keep to yourself.

Your biggest problem will be preventing your accounts from being shut down by bookies who’ll hate you for being too profitable!

That’s a great problem to have.

You’re probably wondering now how the Racing Dossier is going to help you take your betting to the next level.

And that’s a great question.

Instead of giving you a system, the Racing Dossier is a tool which contains the best horse racing ratings in the country!

You’ll be given hundreds upon hundreds of ratings the moment you join… these are ratings that are used by betting teams, pro-bettors and tipsters. And…

…they allow you to build what are known as “race cards”.

These ratings cover a wide variety of racing information. In fact they cover nearly everything you can think of.

Whereas other ratings only cover the basics, we’ve made it a priority to give you access to the ratings that allow betting teams to make the insane profits they do.

This means that you can create the most detailed, hard to replicate betting systems possible, because you will…

Get Access To Hundreds Of Metrics Nobody Else Has!

Of course, we also have all the basic information, such as a horse’s weight, age, and the last time he or she ran in a race.

But, we go into significantly deeper and more complex ratings!

Ratings which, in all likelihood, you may not have even thought of.

An example be detailed speed ratings, for example… the average speed rating a horse achieves on soft to heavy ground (taking into account how long it’s been since they ran on that ground).

No other ratings allow you to go that deep into a horses preferences.

And of course… not all races are made equal.

You can choose the right ratings to use with each race. And, it’s as simple as 1,2,3 to do!

But once you’ve taken the time to choose the proper ratings for your race cards, the software does all the work for you.

Follow through the detailed video instructions and you’ll find exactly how to do everything you need step-by-step.

I originally designed the Racing Dossier for myself. I wanted to be able to use it for my own betting.

But due to such high demand, I re-designed it so that it is easy to use for professional punters and betting teams. And, for the first time ever, you can get your hands on the same software they use!

If you’re a beginner then don’t worry, we’ve designed Racing Dossier so that you can ease into it.

As well as our detailed video tutorials, where I’ll personally walk you through every aspect of the software, there are also strategies to get you started that will give you some pretty decent profits right off the bat.

The active forum provides a great place to share ideas and I’m always available to answer any questions you might have.

We recommend you use these betting systems as starting points and then modify them to suit your needs. There’s really no better way to learn the system than the first-hand experience you’ll get from these.

Once you’ve gotten the hang of this you’ll be able making powerful betting systems like some of our current members. These are the results of some of our members system tests available inside the forum:


We’ve seen strike rates from 20%, all the way up to 60%!

To make it even easier for you, Racing Dossier is so powerful that once you’ve made your race cards it will automatically choose the right one to use when you open a race.

And, because we keep Racing Dossier so up to date, you’ll be able to get your ratings the day before each race.

With this data in your pocket, you’ll be able to make decisions quietly the day before racing and place your bets with plenty of time to spare.

I’m biased, but I honestly believe that Racing Dossier is the best ratings software available.  However don’t just take my word for it. Here’s what some of our users have to say:

“Thanks Michael. Brilliant software, the best I’ve seen.  Will be passing the word around. Cheers. Tony”

“I managed winners at 4.25 and 8.62 BFSP with an RD strategy yesterday, but I also had a stab at one of your systems as well and… wow! Winners at 2.92, 4.25, 27.0 and 31.28!! Amazing! Gordon”

“I would like to congratulate you on the Racing Dossier. It’s the single best betting tool that I’ve come across (and it’s allowing me to make so much profit in only half a month, I know most tipsters would kill for it), it’s absolutely phenomenal! Adam.”

“Went to Kempton races on Saturday and, thanks to Racing Dossier, I managed three tricasts and one nap for the day which won. Even my second best bet of the day won. Many thanks, James.”

“You, my friend, are a ginger legend (racing equivalent of Paul Scholes). Great service, products, blogs. You’ve improved my punting 3fold. The BEST regards, Stuart”

“On the betting front may I take this as an opportunity to personally thank you in aiding my betting advancement.YOUR commitment in helping me went beyond the call of duty! best Wishes. John.”

“Thx again and have to say RD is really good… it found the winners for my three 0.44p yankees with over £1100.00 winnings……….. I only used the winning % and the distance winners columns! Those are two of the best stat’s in the whole RD :) Anyway, thanks again :). Adam”

With the ability to create UNLIMITED custom race cards… all I’m asking is one low monthly (or quarterly) fee, and you’re good to go.

I’m often asked if it’s possible to export all the data and ratings from Racing Dossier and the answer is…

… absolutely yes!

You can export your data via a CSV file that will allow you to analyze all of your data offline if you prefer. And we also support exporting your selections for the main betting bot software on the market.

What could make betting easier than setting up your system, exporting the data into your betting bot and then simply letting the betting bot place your bets for you!

When you join the Racing Dossier…

You'll Get Access To:

  • Over 400 Ratings
  • Unlimited Race Cards
  • Unlimited Filters
  • The Ability To Export Ratings
  • All Data Available The Night Before Racing
  • Pre-Built Betting Systems
  • Private Members Forum
  • Access To Me!

You’re probably wondering now how much all this is going to cost. After all, software this powerful goes for hundreds of pounds every month, and I don’t blame you for being worried about… because it’s worth it and more.

But, I’ve always made it my goal to help bettors achieve their dreams. Which is why, at the moment, I’m offering the Racing Dossier at an extremely low price. But I can’t promise it will stay this low forever.

Right now, it will only cost you £19.75 +VAT per month. And if you prefer, you can get it quarterly for just £49.75 +VAT per quarter. That’s yearly savings of nearly £40!

All you need to do is fill in the form below and you will get immediate access to this ground breaking software.

Monthly License

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The only question now is…what are you waiting for?

In a few minutes you could have started down the road to achieving your dream betting lifestyle.

Monthly License

Get a monthly license to Racing Dossier for £19.75 +VAT per month

You will be re-billed monthly until cancellation

Quarterly License

Get a monthly license to Racing Dossier for £49.75 +VAT per quarter

You will be re-billed quarterly until cancellation

I’m looking forward to helping you make your betting profitable and give you the lifestyle you’ve always wanted to achieve.

All the best,






Michael Wilding

P.S: Remember, we’re always adding new features to the software, and as we do so, the software becomes more valuable, so price will go up. Make sure to lock in your copy now before you see the price go up.

P.P.S. If you’ve got any questions then don’t hesitate to get in touch with me at support@racingdossier.co.uk

P.P.P.S. Don’t miss out on getting access to the same software that pro betting teams, punters and tipsters are already using every day!

Monthly License

Get a monthly license to Racing Dossier for £19.75 +VAT per month

You will be re-billed monthly until cancellation

Quarterly License

Get a monthly license to Racing Dossier for £49.75 +VAT per quarter

You will be re-billed quarterly until cancellation